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We make the impossible possible!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. We are Ink & Ginger, a creative duo that creates unique portrait art through a deadly mix of creative photography and kick ass digital illustration.

We love to make dreams come true by creating “personalised” art for children, and the children at heart, with a little movie magic and a sprinkle of fairy dust. From Superheros to Fairies and Cosplay to Pin-Up – we make the impossible possible!

Using creative photography and advanced digital techniques we will craft one of kind art pieces to display around your home including Fine Art Museum Quality Prints, Poster Art and products such as Quilt Covers, Cushions, Tote Bags and more!

Ink & Ginger is the manifestation of an unlikely collaboration including Kathy “Ink” Weiland – a Rock Star Creative and Bad Ass Digital Illustrator. Kathy has an impressive rap sheet that includes commercial advertising campaigns for Telstra, Motorola, Westinghouse, Electrolux and digital artist for the Warner Roadshow Studios television series “Animalia”.

Kylie “Ginger” Garner is a Journalist, Creative and AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer. Kylie is a fiery red head packaged as cotton candy who feels naked without her camera and rarely leaves home without it. Her images have received national Silver and Gold awards and most recently was a Finalist for the 2016 AIPP QLD Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Together Kathy & Kylie, aka Ink & Ginger, are creative dynamite who live to create down right cool stuff each and everyday.

Kathy "Ink" Weiland

Kathy “Ink” Weiland

Kylie Ginger Garner

Kylie “Ginger” Garner

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