Hi there! We’re Ink & Ginger. We create unique portrait art through a deadly mix of creative photography & kick ass digital illustration.

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Kathy "Ink" Weiland

K A T H Y “Ink” W E I L A N D

Kathy “Ink” Weiland is a Rock Star Creative and Bad Ass Digital Illustrator. She is still waiting for the temporary tattoos she had done 20 years ago to rub off. Meanwhile, other tattoos mysteriously appear out of nowhere on any spare bit of skin she has … that’s what she tells her Mum anyway.


Kylie Ginger Garner

K Y L I E Ginger” G A R N E R

Kylie “Ginger” Garner is a Journalist, Creative and AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer. She is a little bitter her 5-year-old son, Riley, is a natural ginger. Meanwhile she has been paying good money for years to get her hair that colour. She likes to think she had it first.

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